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US Digest-size magazine, a bimonthly companion to Imagination, published by William Hamling's Greenleaf Publishing, which ran for 26 issues from September 1954-November 1958. The last three issues, July-November 1958, were published under the title Space Travel (but continued the previous numeration) in a doomed effort to capture the post-Sputnik space-enthusiast market. It was edited by Hamling with his wife Frances.

Imaginative Tales began as a humorous Fantasy magazine, the first six issues featuring complete novels in the style of Thorne Smith by Charles F Myers and Robert Bloch. From September 1955 it reverted to a policy identical to that of its companion, featuring only sf, with a short novel – primarily Space Opera – leading off every issue. Regular writers included Edmond Hamilton, Geoff St Reynard (Robert W Krepps) and Dwight V Swain, while the supporting short fiction was principally supplied by authors from the regular stable writing for the Ziff-Davis magazines Amazing and Fantastic. [BS/MA]


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