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Original paperback anthology series edited by Robert Hoskins, published by Lancer Books, and presented as a lineal descendant of the magazine Infinity Science Fiction (1955-1958), whose editor, Larry T Shaw, was also connected with Lancer; the covers bore the slogan "New Writings in Speculative Fiction". Infinity was a competent but not outstanding series. Regular contributors included Poul Anderson, Barry N Malzberg and Robert Silverberg; Alan Brennert and George Zebrowski made their debuts in its pages. Infinity One (anth 1970) reprinted Arthur C Clarke's "The Star" (November 1955 Infinity Science Fiction) from the first issue of its spiritual ancestor; all other stories were originals. Later volumes were Infinity Two (anth 1971), Three (anth 1972), Four (anth 1972) and Five (anth 1973). A sixth volume was completed and scheduled for publication but withdrawn when Lancer's future looked bleak. The series was terminated when the publisher went bankrupt. [MJE/PN/MA]

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