It's About Time

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US tv series (1966-1967). Redwood/Gladasaya/CBS. Produced by George M Cahan. Executive producer Sherwood Schwartz. Directed by Jack Arnold, Cahan and others. Writers: Schwartz and others. Created by Schwartz. Cast includes Frank Aletter (Captain Mac MacKenzie), Pat Cardi (Breer), Imogene Coca (Shad), Kathleen Freeman (Mrs Cave Boss), Mary Grace (Mlor), Jack Mullaney (Lt Hector Wyland), Mike Mazurki (Clon), Cliff Norton (Cave Boss), Joe E Ross (Gronk), Frank Wilcox (General Morley). 26 30-minute episodes. Colour.

A comedy show in which two astronauts accidentally Time Travel and find themselves trapped in prehistory, where they have to survive with a band of Neanderthals (see Prehistoric SF). Ratings were not good, so the format shifted: the astronauts find a way to escape to the present, but some of the cave-dwellers come along for the ride. The new emphasis was on the latter's bewildered reactions to modern life. [BC]


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