Janáček, Leoš

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(1854-1928) Czech composer. His four-act opera Výlet pana Broučka do XV. stolet a do Měsíce ["The Excursions of Mr. Brouček to the Moon and to the 15th Century "] (1920) is as jaunty and unrealistic a piece of sf as its title suggests. Janáček's opera Věc Makropulos (1926, translated into English variously as "The Makropulos Affair" and "The Makropulos Case") adapts Karel Čapek's novel Věc Makropulos (1922) about a Scientist creating an elixir that prolongs human life by centuries (see Immortality). Janáček himself is the protagonist of David Herter's On the Overgrown Path (2006), the first volume of his First Republic Trilogy, the succeeding volumes of which are shaped by a supernatural engine the composer has created to represent the harmony of the world. [AR]

Leoš Janáček

born Hukvady, Austria-Hungary [now Czech Republic]: 3 July 1854

died Ostrava, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic]: 12 August 1928


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