Johnson, Stanley

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(1940-    ) UK politician, businessman, environmentalist and author. His novels, beginning with Gold Drain (1967), tend to be political/spy thrillers, some of which are sufficiently explorative to be thought of as Technothrillers. In Icecap (1999; vt The Warming 2015), a long embattled chase/quest, from Brazil to Antarctica, pits the protagonist and his allies against international mining consortia in a race to discover a new mineral, falconite; what may have seemed a McGuffin in 1999 seems less of a pretext in later decades, as falconite can be used massively to increase the oceans' carbon-absorbing function (see Climate Change). Kompromat (2017), is a roman à clef Satire on contemporary politics, perhaps insufficiently benefiting from the fact that Johnson is the father of Boris Johnson (1964-    ), UK prime minister from 2019. [JC]

Stanley Patrick Johnson

born Penzance, Cornwall: 18 August 1940


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