Kagarlitski, Julius

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(1926-2000) Russian critic and professor of European drama at the State Theatrical Institute in Moscow. One of the leading Russian critics to have a strong interest in sf, Kagarlitski published the first and most comprehensive study in the then USSR of an individual sf author: Gerbert Uells (1963; trans Moura Budberg as The Life and Thought of H.G. Wells 1966; considerably rev and exp vt Vgliadyvaias v griadushchee ["Staring into the Future"] 1989). He later edited a fifteen-volume set of H G Wells's collected works (1965). Tchto Takoe Fantastika? ["What is Science Fiction?"] (1974) is a popular history of the genre, and has been translated into several languages (not English). Kagarlitski won, unusually, the Chief Award of the Polish Ministry of Culture, and, again unusually, in 1972 the Pilgrim Award for services to sf studies; internal politics in the USSR prevented his receiving the latter award in person. [PN/VG]

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Julius Iosifovich Kagarlitski

born Moscow: 23 July 1926

died Moscow: 12 May 2000



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