Klainer, Albert S

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(1935-    ) US author of two sf novels in collaboration with his wife Jo-Ann Klainer, The Eleventh Plague (1973; typographical vt The 11th Plague 1976 as Albert S Klainer and Jo-Ann Klainer) as by L T Peters, and The Judas Gene (1980) with Jo-Ann Klainer. Both mix Horror in SF and Genetic Engineering. [JC]

Albert S Klainer

born Massachusetts: 29 October 1935



  • The Eleventh Plague (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1973) as by L T Peters [both Klainers writing under this pseudonym: hb/]
    • The 11th Plague (New York: Pinnacle Books, 1976) with Jo-Ann Klainer [vt of the above, typographical only: plus author name change: pb/]
  • The Judas Gene (New York: Richard Marek, 1980) with Jo-Ann Klainer [hb/]


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