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(1973-    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Faust's SASE" in Scavenger's Newsletter for September 1999; during her early career she published mostly fantasy, including the Eliana's Song sequence beginning with the Young Adult Fires of the Faithful (2002), set in a fantasy land oppressed by Religious fundamentalism, but saved by the versatile young protagonist; and the Dead Rivers sequence beginning with Freedom's Gate (2004), which expands on similar material, though the two series are not formally linked.

Kritzer has published two collections: Gift of the Winter King and Other Stories (coll 2011 ebook), which is primarily fantasy; and Cat Pictures Please and Other Stories (2017), which assembles more varied material, including "Cat Pictures Please" (January 2015 Clarkesworld), a tale of a well-meaning emergent AI which won the 2016 Hugo award and Locus Award for best short story. Especially in short forms, her work is genial but subtly sharp-tongued, and tends to focus on how to remain human, or recognizable, in a changing world. [JC]

Naomi Kritzer

born North Carolina: 23 April 1973




Eliana's Song

Dead Rivers



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