L Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future

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Original anthology series, edited by Algis Budrys, made up of stories by entrants to the Writers of the Future Contest and published by Bridge Publications in the USA and New Era in the UK; both publishing houses were originally set up to publish Dianetics and Scientology textbooks, but had already begun publishing fiction with the novels of L Ron Hubbard's unexpected second career in fiction. The contest is quarterly (though an annual award is given also), and most of the anthology stories are first, second or third place-getters. Some fine writers have made their debut in this series (which has survived the controversy surrounding it) – not surprisingly, considering the fairly lavish nature of the awards involved. They include Robert Touzalin (Robert Reed), Karen Joy Fowler, David Zindell and Dave Wolverton. Anthologies to date, all edited by Budrys, are L Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future (anth 1985), Vol. II (anth 1986), Vol. III (anth 1987), Vol. IV (anth 1988), Vol. V (anth 1989), Vol. VI (anth 1990) and Vol. VII (anth 1991). [PN]

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