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(?   -    ) US-born author, resident for some time in Scotland, much of whose early work has been fantasy, with explorations of Sex and gender couched cogently into adventure narratives. Her first series, the Young Adult Micah Grey sequence beginning with Pantomime (2013), emplaces its intersex protagonist in a unspecifically Steampunk world, where she endures travails, joins a circus, engages in Magic, and moves into a larger world (see Politics) where she effects changes. The Pacifica sequence comprising False Hearts (2016) and Shattered Minds (2017) is set in a Cyberpunk-infused congested Near Future San Francisco (see California), where legal experiments in Drugs known as Verge and Zeal have damagingly transformed the lives of participants, including the protagonists, conjoined twins but separated as adolescents. The series moves steadily into West Coast urban noir, and deepens. [JC]

Laura Lam

born California




Micah Grey

  • Pantomime (London: Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, 2013) [Micah Grey: pb/Tom Bagshaw]
  • Shadowplay (London: Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, 2013) [Micah Grey: pb/Tom Bagshaw]
  • Masquerade (London: Pan Books, 2017) [Micah Grey: pb/]



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