Landis, Arthur H

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(1917-1986) US author and editor. While editing for Dealer's Voice, a motorcycle magazine, Landis convinced his publisher to begin a new fantasy magazine, Coven 13, which he edited for four issues September 1969-March 1970 before the title passed to William L Crawford. He published there a four-part serial as by James R Keaveney, which became A World Called Camelot (September 1969-March 1970 Coven 13 as "Let There Be Magick"; rev vt 1976) as by Landis, and was followed in the same series by Camelot in Orbit (1978) and The Magick of Camelot (1981). In the first novel a cultural engineer, or "Adjuster", is sent from Earth to the second planet of Fomalhaut, known as Camelot, a world where Magic works, rather as in Christopher Stasheff's Warlock series. Sf meets Sword and Sorcery in a whimsical manner throughout the series, whose quality deteriorates. The thematically similar Home – To Avalon (1982) is set on a different world. [PN]

Arthur Harold Landis

born Birmingham, Alabama: 21 November 1917

died Los Angeles, California: 27 January 1986




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