Langmead, Oliver

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(?   -    ) Scottish author whose work exploits the metaphorical intensities available through a ready access to the SF Megatext, though his works inhabit the water margins of sf as such (see Fantastika). Dark Star (2015), his first book, is a long narrative poem set on an isolated planet, with a Sun that emits no light, befitting the noir language of the telling, and the decidedly non-verismo 1920s urban "hell" down whose mean streets the detective protagonist must travel. Metronome (2017) takes place in a world where dreams are monitored – and supposedly protected – by a cadre of Sleepwalkers (see Dream Hacking), one of whom goes rogue. The Immortal featured in Birds of Paradise (2021) traverses the twenty-first century, where he rather neglects the creatures he has named, and fails to understand the absence of Eve (see Adam and Eve) in this world. [JC]

Oliver K Langmead

born Glasgow, Scotland




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