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Pseudonym of UK author Thomas Murray Ford (1854-1932) who usually published in the Boys' Papers; he also wrote as John Le Breton. Of sf interest is The Submarine Privateer: A Tale of the Great Boer War; And, "The Land of Mystery": A Story of Indian Marvels (coll 1905), the first story describing the Invention and deployment of a superior submarine, and the second locating a Lost World in the heart of India. Mr Teedles, the "Gland" Old Man (1927) spoofs the theories of the historical Dr Serge Voronoff by virtue of which Rejuvenation and longevity (see Immortality) can be achieved by grafting monkey testicles to the testicles of ageing males. [JC]

Thomas Murray Ford

born Hackney, London: 4 May 1854

died Ruislip, Middlesex [now London]: 12 January 1932



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