Legendary Stardust Cowboy, The

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US singer-songwriter, born Norman Carl Odam (1947-    ). Known to fans as "the Ledge", the Legendary Stardust Cowboy divides listeners into those who find his idiosyncratic and sporadic recordings to be nothing more than novelty records, and those who think very highly of his left-field, peculiar and space-travel-obsessed imagination. In the latter category is David Bowie, who has covered Legendary Stardust Cowboy songs on his own recordings. Tracks such as "I Took a Trip (On A Space Shuttle)" (on Rock-It to Stardom, 1984) and "Blade Runner" (on Retro Rocket Back to Earth, 1986) possess a deliberately primitive, raucous charm; and his overall musical project (which might be described as an attempt to blend rockabilly and psychedelia) is certainly like little else in the conformist world of popular recording. [AR]

Norman Carl Odam

born Lubbock, Texas: 5 Sept 1947



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