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Working name of Spanish director, screenwriter and author Jorge Loriga Torrenova (1967-    ), who is of sf interest primarily for his tenth novel, Rendición (2017; trans Carolina de Robertis as Surrender 2020), set in an abstracted but violent Near Future world ravaged by constant War. The protagonists of the tale are relocated to a small and literally transparent City, a Dystopian Keep whose inhabitants are under constant surveillance; here they are subjected to erosions of Identity that, in the end, prove terminal. A new breed of humans will find total transparency (see Media Landscape) entirely natural. [JC]

Jorge Loriga Torrenova

born Madrid, Spain: 5 March 1967


works (highly selected)

  • Rendición (Madrid, Spain: Alfaguara, 2017) [binding unknown/]
    • Surrender (Boston, Massachusetts: Houghton Mifflin/Mariner, 2020) [trans by Carolina de Robertis of the above: pb/]


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