MacLeod, Sheila

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(1939-    ) Scottish author, married for several years to actor and pop singer Paul Jones (see Privilege), an experience reflected in her first novel, The Moving Accident (1968), which is nonfantastic. Her second, The Snow-White Soliloquies (1970), is a Fabulation with surprisingly firm sf underpinning, describing in technological terms the Suspended Animation of its eponymous heroine as the search for a Prince continues in a grey world. Xanthe and the Robots (1977), set in an Institute for Advanced Robotic Research, explores the creation of "Philophrenics" (Robots of near-human capability) and the problems their all-too-human designers face in deciding how far to attempt to exploit their development; it is an intelligent and sophisticated novel. Circuit-Breaker (1978) entertainingly mixes Inner Space and outer, describing an astronaut's attempts to use his Psi Powers to save his ship – assuming the hero is indeed an astronaut and not a mental case or an sf writer: the ending is ambiguous. [MJE/PN/JC]

Sheila MacLeod

born Stornoway, Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland: 23 March 1939




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