Magnetic Monster, The

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Film (1953). A-Men Productions/United Artists. Directed by Curt Siodmak. Written by Siodmak, Ivan Tors. Cast includes Jean Byron, Richard Carlson and King Donovan. 76 minutes. Black and white.

A new isotope, created in a laboratory, sucks in nearby energy and doubles its size every few hours; eventually it may destroy the Earth. The first part of the film shows it being tracked down by scientific investigators, puzzled at the strange magnetic fields it produces. It emits deadly radiation and is finally destroyed in a giant power plant in the ocean by feeding it with more energy than it can absorb. The film includes much footage at the finale from the German sf classic Gold (1934). This is a well-made, documentary-style, fast-moving thriller, one of Siodmak's better scripts, and the best of the (generally poor) films that he directed. [PN/JB]


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