Maître du temps, Le

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Film (1971). Les Productions Artistes Associés, Les Films 13, Luiz Carlos Barreto Produções Cinematográficas. Directed by Jean-Daniel Pollet. Written by Pierre Kast and Jean-Daniel Pollet. Cast includes Jean-Pierre Kalfon. 90 minutes. Colour.

A French/Brazilian live action production. Arriving in Brazil, the Alien Odara (Kalfon) Time-Travels, witnessing that nation's bloody colonial and post-colonial history (see Politics). It is an obscure film, despite Pollett and Kast being film-makers of reasonable renown: this entry appears in its current brief form to acknowledge its existence.

The title Le maître du temps translates as Master of Time; it should not be confused with Time Masters (1982), whose original title was Les Maîtres du temps. [SP]


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