Man and the Challenge, The

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US tv series (1959-1960). ZIV Television Programmes for NBC-TV. Created by Ivan Tors. Produced by Tors. Associate Producer Andrew Marton. Directors included Richard Carlson, Alan Crosland Jr, Tom Gries, Otto Lang. Writers included Don Brinkley, Carlson, Gene Levitt, Arthur Weiss. Cast includes Jack Ging, Joyce Meadows and George Nader. 36 30-minute episodes. Black and white.

Dr Glen Barton (Nader) is a research Scientist working for the Institute of Human Factors agency along with Lynn Allen (Meadows) and Dan Wright (Ging); he leads a project designed to test the limits of human endurance, conducted on behalf of the US government. Topics covered include ESP, extreme Psychological fear, isolation experiments (see Perception), Space Flight, and survival in extreme terrestrial environments. Nader was the only actor to appear in every episode, despite the credits for Meadows and Ging; various minor guest stars also featured. [GSt]


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