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US Small Press. Mark V Ziesing is the direct successor to Ziesing Brothers, which booksellers Michael Ziesing (1946-    ) and his brother Mark V Ziesing (1953-    ) had founded in Willimantic, Connecticut, initially to produce poetry, but which then produced two books by Gene Wolfe: The Castle of the Otter (coll 1982) and The Wolfe Archipelago (coll 1983). After this Michael became inactive, and the firm became Mark V Ziesing. Further books by Wolfe followed, plus titles by A A Attanasio, Iain M Banks, Neal Barrett Jr, James P Blaylock, Pat Cadigan, Thomas M Disch, Michael Moorcock, Lucius Shepard, Bruce Sterling, Howard Waldrop and others. Since 1989 the firm has operated from California. Because of its inventive publishing programme, and because most editions are well designed, Mark V Ziesing has as good a chance of surviving the difficult 1990s as any small press. [JC]

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