Marshall, William

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(1944-    ) Australian author, best known for the long Yellowthread Street Mystery sequence beginning with Yellowthread Street (1975), set in a fictionalized Hong Kong and featuring the investigations of Detective Chief Inspector Harry Feiffer. The stories, though gonzo and gaudily unlikely, are generally nonfantastic, though Sci Fi: A Yellowthread Street Mystery (1981), which is set at an sf film Convention (see Recursive SF), uses much imagery from the SF Megatext to reach its climax; Inches: A Yellowthread Street Mystery Novel (1994) depends partially on events transpiring in Virtual Reality. The series was televised by Yorkshire Television/ITV as Yellowthread Street (thirteen episodes 1990), but omitted Sci Fi. [JC]

William Leonard Marshall

born Sydney, New South Wales: 1944



Yellowthread Street Mystery (highly selected)


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