McHugh, Vincent

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(1904-1983) US author whose comic saga Caleb Catlum's America (1936) [for subtitle see Checklist] is about a family of immortals (see Immortality) who amusingly represent the high points of US history in the flesh (the family includes Abe Lincoln and Davy Crockett); elements of a Secret History of the World (see Fantasies of History in The Encyclopedia of Fantasy) are undercut by Tall Tale elements (see again The Encyclopedia of Fantasy); the frame story in particular, featuring Caleb himself – who leads others through a mountain portal to safety and eventually returns to save America – influenced Robert A Heinlein, one of whose pseudonyms was Caleb Saunders. I Am Thinking of My Darling: An Adventure Story (1943), in which an inhibition-releasing epidemic hits New York, cuts surprisingly deep in its superficially comic (but in fact argued) examination of the consequences (see Sex). This novel was filmed as What's So Bad about Feeling Good? (1968). [JC]

see also: Psychology.

Vincent McHugh

born Providence, Rhode Island: 23 December 1904

died Sacramento, California: 23 January 1983



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