Mettais, Hippolyte

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(1812-?   ) French doctor and author whose L'An 5865 ou Paris dans 4000 Ans (1865; trans Brian Stableford as The Year 5865 2012) is a Ruins and Futurity tale whose narrator – four millennia hence, after numerous Disasters have almost totally obscured the deep past – conceives of Paris in terms of the Lost World novel. As is typical of this category of tale, elements of spoof alternate with Satire. Paris avant le Déluge (1866; trans Brian Stableford as Paris Before the Deluge 2014), clearly written in conjunction with the previous tale, is set four millennia into the antediluvian past, with Atlantis still extant, and the founding of Paris soon to occur. [JC]

Hippolyte Mettais

born 1812




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