Monster Mania

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Letter-sized, saddle-stapled Cinema magazine printed on middle-grade paper stock. Published by Renaissance Productions, New York. Three issues, October 1966 to April 1967. Editor: Russ Jones.

This was co-published by artist Jones (1942-    ) and Lee Irgang as a maturely oriented competitor to Forrest J Ackerman's Famous Monsters of Filmland from Warren Publishing, where Jones had previously created the black-and-white Comics-format magazine Creepy (1964-1983). The first issue of Monster Mania reprinted what was purportedly the first ever interview with make-up legend Jack Pierce, while #2 was a tribute to Hammer Films, with a wrap-around cover by Frank Frazetta showing Dinosaurs and cave-men. Consisting of a mix of UK and US material with a slant towards the former, the magazine apparently failed to secure strong distribution and folded within a year. Copies are not especially rare, although collectors should note that prices are sometimes fairly high for issues in good condition. #2 is the most expensive and sought-after owing to the Frazetta cover. [GSt]

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