Namlook, Pete

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(1960-2012) Prolific German composer and performer of instrumental electronica. Namlook has released scores and perhaps even hundreds of albums under a wide variety of pseudonyms, and many of them style themselves as sf. Some of the more notable of these releases include The Fires of Ork (1994) and The Fires of Ork Part II (2007, both with Geir Jenssen of Biosphere), an unauthorized sequel-album to Kraftwerk's Trans-Europe Express entitled Trance Europe Express Part II: Escape to Mars (1994), Alien Community (1995, with Jonah Sharp), Atom (1996), Outland (1999), the three-part New Organic Life (2002-04), and the ten-part The Dark Side of the Moog (1995-2005, with Klaus Schulze). Namlook's music, typically, is of an open-ended ambient atmospheric sort, with subtle rhythms, long sustained notes and harmonies, and little or no percussion. [AR]

Pete Namlook (born Peter Kuhlmann)

born Frankfurt, Germany: 25 November 1960

died Traben-Trarbach, Germany: 8 November 2012


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