Natali, Vincenzo

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US-born Canadian filmmaker (1969-    ) who began his career as a storyboard artist for animation, in which capacity he worked (but was not credited) on Johnny Mnemonic (1995). His feature debut, as co-writer and director, was the Mathematics-based Horror film Cube (1997); he subsequently directed episodes of Earth: Final Conflict (1997-2002) and the feature film Cypher (2002), and co-wrote and directed the comic fantasy Nothing (2003) and the Genetic Engineering horror Splice (2010). He has been involved in developing versions of William Gibson's Neuromancer (1984) and J G Ballard's High-Rise (1975), and has also made a short documentary on the Saskatchewan shoot of Terry Gilliam's non-sf film Tideland (2005). A notable voice in Canadian cinema, he continues some of the genre conversations initiated by David Cronenberg, but with a distinctive thematic palette of his own, with a recurring interest in minimalism and enclosed Pocket Universes. [NL]

Vincenzo Natali

born Detroit: 4 January 1969



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