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Film (1993). Shah/Jensen and Imperial Entertainment. Produced by Ash R Shah, Eric Karson and Tom Karnowski. Directed by Albert Pyun. Written by Rebecca Charles. Cast includes Olivier Gruner, Merle Kennedy, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Tim Thomerson. 96 minutes. Colour.

This very violent, low-budget, straight-to-video, exploitation action-adventure movie, directed by straight-to-video specialist Pyun, has one element of sf interest. At a time when, despite all the publicity given to them, Cyberpunk themes were barely impinging on the "respectable" end of the film business, parts of poverty row were embracing them. In Nemesis, which is set mainly in Los Angeles (see California), bio-enhanced gangsters, anti-Cyborg terrorist groups, machine cops, a lovely dead woman encoded on a data chip, and Third World police forces take part in an almost unfathomable series of shoot-outs in the information-saturated world of 2027, where the largest information cartel consists of US/Japan. Hawaii is passed off as Java, and ethnic Chinese unconvincingly represent Indonesians. Though the acting is below par, the dialogue is largely four-letter words and nothing in the plot goes beyond cyberpunk stereotypes, at least the attempt was made. [PN]


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