Nervous Norvus

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Performing name of US musician Jimmy Drake (1912-1968). Nervous Norvus's cheery rockabilly enjoyed a degree of US success in the 1950s, and he released inter alia a number of goofy science-fictional songs. Amongst these are "The Fang" (1956, credited to "Nervous Norvus and Red Blanchard & The Smogrollers") about a trip to Mars to meet some girls, "The Lean Green Vegetable Fiend (From 'Tuther Side of the Moon)" (1962) and "Kibble Kobble (The Flying Saucer Song)" (1962), both of whose titles are self-explanatory. [AR]

Nervous Norvus (Jimmy Drake)

born Memphis, Tennessee: 24 March 1912

died Oakland, California: 24 July 1968

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