Night of the Lepus

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Film (1972). Lyles/MGM. Directed by William F Claxton. Written by Don Holliday, Gene R Kearney, based on The Year of the Angry Rabbit (1964) by Russell Braddon. Cast includes Rory Calhoun, DeForest Kelley, Janet Leigh and Stuart Whitman. 88 minutes. Colour.

Braddon's satirical novel was set in Australia, but the film dropped the Satire and switched the setting to Arizona. A test rabbit full of experimental hormones breaks loose and breeds with local rabbits. Suddenly hordes of gigantic carnivorous rabbits are attacking people, eating horses and demolishing houses. The film is endearing for its unintentional humour, enhanced by the commendably serious if wooden performances of all concerned, the rabbits included. [JB/PN]

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