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(1985-    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Another Range of Mountains" in L Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future: Volume 30 (anth 2014) edited by Dave Wolverton, and who initially focused on fantasy, in particular the Scorched Continent sequence beginning with Steal the Sky (2016), set in a Steampunk-inflected world with Airships and Doppelgangers and much usable gear. O'Keefe is of sf interest for her second series, the Protectorate sequence beginning with Velocity Weapon (New York: Orbit, 2019), a Space Opera whose protagonist awakens on a warship from Suspended Animation to find herself alone except for a similarly isolated enemy, and the AI who controls the ship. Complications ensue, as it is clear the two survivors will need to get civilization going again. [JC]

Megan E O'Keefe

born 1985




Scorched Continent

  • Steal the Sky (New York: Angry Robot, 2016) [Scorched Continent: pb/Kim Sokol]
  • Break the Chains (New York: Angry Robot, 2016) [Scorched Continent: pb/Kim Sokol]
  • Inherit the Flame (New York: Angry Robot, 2017) [Scorched Continent: pb/Kim Sokol]
  • The Proposal Game (New York: Angry Robot, 2018) [Scorched Continent: pb/Kim Sokol]



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