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(?   -    ) US editor, publisher and reviewer who has also written as Steve Pagel; worked at Barnes and Noble for ten years to 1995, for the last three as chief US genre buyer; was sales director at White Wolf for three years from 1995; and launched Meisha Merlin Publishing with Kevin Murphy in 1997. He co-edited the three Bending the Landscape genre Anthology series with Nicola Griffith, beginning with Bending the Landscape: Fantasy (anth 1997), including Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction (anth 1998) and focusing interestingly upon Gender issues. Pagel reviewed sf for Absolute Magnitude 1996-1997, and with Warren Lapine edited a selection of stories from the first seven issues of that Semiprozine, published as Absolute Magnitude (anth 1997). [DRL]

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