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A House Name used for the Turbo Cowboys sequence of Post-Holocaust tales for Ballantine Books. Designed for the Young Adult market, the series – which begins with Turbo Cowboys #1: Jump Start (1988) and ends with Turbo Cowboys #10: City of Glass (1990) – emphasizes the proactive friendship among the four young protagonists, who have escaped from a government relocation camp, and who must make do in the Mojave Desert, with a climactic exposure to the devastation that was once Los Angeles (see California). As a group, they also befriend and are befriended by various helpful adults. Much is made of their highly advanced motorcycles. Authors known to have used this house name are Paul Bagdon and Chet Cunningham; they are credited in the Checklist below. Turbo Cowboys #6: Rat Trap (1989) by Bagdon has also been wrongly credited to a third author, John Read, who cannot be traced. [JC]

"Tony Phillips"



Turbo Cowboys


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