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(1943-    ) US sf critic, professor of English literature at Concordia University, Montréal. He became a co-editor of Science Fiction Studies with the November 1978 issue and remained in that position until the last issue of 1991; he remains a contributing editor. His Into the Unknown: The Evolution of Science Fiction from Francis Godwin to H.G. Wells (1970; rev 1983) is scholarly and informative, and something of a pioneering study for its time. Philmus also wrote the section on "Science Fiction: From its Beginning to 1870" for the first edition of Anatomy of Wonder: Science Fiction (1976; rev 1981; rev 1987) edited by Neil Barron. With David Y Hughes he edited H.G. Wells: Early Writings in Science and Science Fiction (coll 1975), and with Patrick Parrinder he edited H.G. Wells's Literary Criticism (coll 1980). A variorum edition of Wells's The Island of Dr Moreau (1896), edited by Philmus, appeared in 1993. His major twenty-first century work is Visions and Revisions: (Re)constructing Science Fiction (2005). [PN/DRL]

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Robert Michael Philmus

born New York: 3 September 1943



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