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Film (1985). Tri-Star/Delphi III. Directed by Martha Coolidge. Written by Neal Israel, Pat Proft, Peter Torokvei, based on a story by Israel and Proft. Cast includes William Atherton, Gabe Jarret, Val Kilmer, Michelle Meyrink and Robert Prescott. 106 minutes. Colour.

Genius students at a college for advanced science are manipulated into designing a high-power laser by their corrupt professor (Atherton), who unknown to them is supplying it to a cold-blooded government agency as a secret weapon. On discovering this, they revenge themselves with a complex practical joke. This was one of several sf "teen" movies of the period (others were My Science Project [1985] and Weird Science [1985]), and perhaps the best. Director Coolidge, who is "feminist-influenced", as she cautiously puts it, gives a more realistic flavour than usual to the dialogue, performances and even the science, but much of the film dissolves into routine student-prank sequences. [PN]

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