Reit, Seymour

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(1918-2001) US author, well known for having sold to Paramount Studios for $200 all rights to his unpublished story, "The Friendly Ghost"; the Caspar the Friendly Ghost cartoon series made vast sums for its owners. Much of his work, in various genres, fiction and nonfiction, was written for younger children and latterly for the Young Adult market. In Benvenuto (1974), one of his rare fantasies, a boy brings home a dragon (see Supernatural Creatures) from summer camp. His Ties for the Time Traveler sequence – Voyage with Columbus (1986) and Scotland Yard Detective (1987) – were competent. [JC]

Seymour Victory Reit

born New York: 11 November 1918 [hence middle name]

died New York: 21 November 2001



Time Traveler

individual titles

  • Benvenuto (Old Tappan, New Jersey: Addison-Wesley, 1974) [illus/hb/Will Winslow]

works as editor


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