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Working name of Frank Rhylick (1915-1996), US author who is mainly known for collaborating with Mark Clifton on They'd Rather be Right (August-November 1954 Astounding; edited version 1957; vt The Forever Machine 1958; text restored under original title 1981), the Hugo-winning conclusion to Clifton's Bossy series about an advanced Computer rendered almost useless by men's fear of "her". Riley's few solo stories began with "The Cyber and Justice Holmes" (March 1955 If). [JC]

see also: Automation.

Frank Wilbert Rhylick

born Hibbing, Minnesota: 8 June 1915

died Manhattan Beach, California: 24 April 1996



  • The Executioner (no place given: Project Gutenberg, 2010) [story: ebook: first appeared April 1956 If: na/]


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