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Fanzine (1964-1995) edited by Leland Sapiro (1924-2013) from Canada and the USA; 35 issues. Riverside Quarterly began as a retitled continuation of the fanzine Inside Science Fiction (1953-1963; titled Inside on its 1962 revival), published by Ron Smith and then Jon White, which won a Hugo in 1956 and itself incorporated a still earlier fanzine, Fantasy Advertiser (1946-1954). (The latter was launched in 1946 by Gus Willmorth; its second editor, Roy Squires, took over in late 1949 and retitled it Science Fiction Advertiser as from the first issue of 1952.) Riverside Quarterly quickly formed a quite different character of its own as an amateur Academic Journal, academic essays on sf and fantasy being its main content; it also published Poetry. Alexei Panshin originally published the major part of his Robert A Heinlein critique, Heinlein in Dimension (May/June 1965-March 1967; 1968), in Riverside Quarterly; other contributors included James Blish, Robert Bloch, Algis Budrys, Samuel R Delany, Philip José Farmer, Ursula K Le Guin, John T Sladek with verse, Fredric Wertham with letters, and Jack Williamson with an expansion of his PhD thesis H.G. Wells: Critic of Progress (August 1967-August 1969; 1973). Owing apparently to financial difficulties, Riverside Quarterly had a long hiatus after #22 (April 1974); issues were widely spaced from its 1977 revival to the final #35 (June 1995). Though irregular, this was one of the longest-running – as well as the most serious – of all fanzines; it was shortlisted three times for the Hugo. [PN/PR/DRL]


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