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(1952-    ) UK screenwriter and author of Young Adult novels beginning with Separate Tracks (1983), none of her early work being fantastic, though Island (1999), a mundane fantasia on William Shakespeare's The Tempest (performed circa 1610-1611), comes close. Mr Wroe's Virgins (1991) – she also scripted the Television version (1993) – is her best known work. Of sf interest is The Testament of Jessie Lamb (2011), set in a Near Future world where a mysterious plague has threatened the continuation of Homo sapiens: all pregnancies end in the death of both mother and child. The eponym's father has, however, created a cruel partial cure, which if agreed to saves the child although the mother suffers brain-death and her body is kept alive in intensive care to bear infant after infant. Jessie Lamb (her name deliberately evokes a Religious subtext) volunteers to undertake this "cure". The tale won the 2012 Arthur C Clarke Award. [JC]

Jane Rogers

born London: 21 July 1952


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