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(1893-1942) US author and Pulp-magazine editor whose first story seems to have been "The October Blight" for The Green Book Magazine in March 1918. He contributed sf to Weird Tales, The Blue Book Magazine, Thrilling Wonder Stories and others; typical of this work is his first Weird Tales story "Ooze" (March 1923 Weird Tales). He is best known for the Sax Rohmer-esque fantasy The Stuffed Men (1935), which describes the unpleasant effects of a fungus ("ciliated zoospores") that grows within the human body; this is part of a hideous Oriental revenge (see Yellow Peril) and directly echoes the killer spores featured to more melodramatic effect in Rohmer's The Mystery of Dr Fu-Manchu (fixup 1913; vt The Insidious Dr Fu-Manchu 1913). [JE/DRL]

Anthony Melville Rud

born Chicago, Illinois: 11 January 1893

died 30 November 1942


  • The Stuffed Men (New York: Macaulay Company, 1935) [hb/uncredited]
  • The Feast of Skeletons (Great Barrington, Massachusetts: Attic Revival Press, 1983) [story: chap: first appeared 25 August 1934 Detective Fiction Weekly: contains biographical piece by Bernard A Drew: pb/]

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