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(1943-    ) US book-dealer, publisher and bibliographer, founder in 1987 of Ultramarine Publishing Co, Inc, a Small Press whose fiction output has concentrated on releasing trade publisher's printed sheets in fine bindings. As a bibliographer from 1987 to 1992 he compiled Ultramarine checklists – some with revised/updated editions – on several authors, including James P Blaylock (with Tom Joyce), Samuel R Delany, Philip K Dick, Thomas M Disch, K W Jeter (with Tom Joyce), Dean R Koontz, Kim Stanley Robinson (with Tom Joyce), Lucius Shepard (with Tom Joyce), Wilson Tucker, Gene Wolfe and Roger Zelazny. He has also compiled checklists of some publishers of interest, including the Tor Books Doubles and, together in one volume, Kerosina Press and Morrigan Press. [JC/DRL]

Christopher Peyton Stephens

born 1943




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