Stivers, Carole

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(?   -    ) US biochemist and author The Mother Code (2020), set in a Near Future world devastated by a pandemic originating as an unintended consequence of experiments in biowarfare, and other Disasters. The planet is so poisoned that the only chance for the survival of Homo sapiens seems to be the implantation of Genetically Engineered foetuses, immune to the plague, into the "wombs" of human-shaped AI-driven flying Robots (see Mecha), which will raise the infant, once birthed, until it is time for the scientists who have been surveilling the project to take over. Predictably, the AIs are sentient and, having become emotionally involved in their charges, resist repatriation into the mutilated human world. [JC]

Carole Stivers

born East Cleveland, Ohio.




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