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(1917-1988) US author and academic, prolific in several genres including mysteries and Westerns – he wrote sixty-six novels by 1977 – but relatively little sf; his only sf short story was Probability (April 1954 If; 2010 ebook). His sf novels came later, in a spurt, beginning with the Anthropol Bureau tales – Anthropol (1968 dos) and The Noblest Experiment in the Galaxy (1970 dos) – and climaxing with The City Machine (1972), set on a colony planet, where the device that constructs Cities has been lost, forcing everyone into one overcrowded Keep. Trimble clearly found sf venues in themselves of interest for the telling of tales – some of them, perhaps as a consequence, placid and landscape-oriented – and showed little concern for the exploration of the extrapolative implications that inspired the original invention of those venues. But he was extremely competent, and his entertainments mused profitably within the worlds of sf. [JC]

Louis Preston Trimble

born Seattle, Washington: 2 March 1917

died Newton Abbot, Devon: 9 March 1988



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