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Film (1970). Herman Cohen Productions/Warner Bros. Directed by Freddie Francis. Written by Aben Kandel, based on a story by John Gilling, Peter Bryan. Cast includes Joe Cornelius, Joan Crawford, Michael Gough and Bernard Kay. 93 minutes, cut to 91 minutes. Colour.

A troglodyte or caveman survival (Cornelius) is discovered in a cavern, and investigated by an anthropologist (Crawford, in her last performance). All the innocent-in-the-modern-world Clichés (see Apes as Human) feature as the bewildered creature runs amuck, but loyal Crawford stands by him. One scene shows electrodes taped to his head so that we can "see" his remarkably anachronistic prehistoric memories, actually old Dinosaur clips from Irwin Allen's The Animal World (1956). This routine UK movie was parodied (as if Parody were needed) in John Landis's first feature, Schlock (1973), whose caveman, unlike Trog (who is disturbed by it) loves rock'n'roll. [PN]


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