Tumannost' Andromedy

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Film (1968; vt The Andromeda Nebula; vt Andromeda the Mysterious; vt The Cloud of Andromeda). Dovzhenko Studio. Directed by Eugene Sherstobytov. Written by Sherstobytov, Vladimir Dmitrievski, based on Tumannost' Andromedy (1958) by Ivan Yefremov. Cast includes Viya Artmane, Nikolai Kriukov and Sergei Stoliarov. 85 minutes, cut to 77 minutes. Colour.

A disappointingly polemical Russian adaptation of Yefremov's much better novel, Tumannost' Andromedy tells of an attempt, 2000 years hence, to establish contact with an intelligent Alien race living somewhere in the Andromeda Nebula. Most of the action takes place on a Spaceship. The film's optimism about the future – manifest in the woodenly cheerful, healthy and uniformly handsome cast and the lack of dramatic tension of any kind (a problem not uncommon in Utopian fictions) – is light years from the bleakness of later Russian sf films such as Solaris (1972). However, the sets and special effects are good. [PN]

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