Two Women of the West

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Joint pseudonym of Alice Ilgenfritz Jones (1846-1906) and Ella Robinson Merchant (1857-1916) for their sf Satire, Unveiling a Parallel: A Romance (1893), whose male narrator, after flying to Mars in an "aeroplane" – a very early appearance of the word in English – discovers there a Utopia based on Gender reversal (see Feminism; Women in SF). He is disconcerted but survives the experience. Jones was an active novelist, but her other works are nonfantastic. [JC]

Alice Ilgenfritz Jones

born Shanesville, Ohio: 9 January 1846

died Havana, Cuba: 5 March 1906

Ella Robinson Merchant

born Cedar Falls, Iowa: 26 September 1857

died Lincoln, Nebraska: 16 June 1916



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