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(?   -    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Last Tango in Gamma Sector" in Crossed Genres for June 2010. His first series, the Ree Reyes sequence beginning with Geekomancy (2012 ebook). is fantasy. He is of sf interest for the Genrenauts sequence of Young Adult tales beginning with The Shootout Solution (2015), in which a Multiverse of diverse planets and systems – each adhering to complex generic storyboards, so that there is a Western universe, and a Fantasy universe, and an sf universe, ad libitum – all interconnected by fantasyworldish portals, and all monitored from Earth Prime. Some resemblance to Westworld is manifest. A singleton, Shield and Crocus (2014), set in a City build in the bones of a dead giant and oppressed by overlords, is fantasy. [JC]

Michael R Underwood

born Bloomington, Indiana


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