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(?   -    ) US physician and author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Indian Giving" in Asimov's for April 1989, establishing very early a savvy ease with Genre SF topoi (see SF Megatext), mastering a brightsmith style capable of forging and polishing Hard SF venues. Her first novel, Whiteout (1996), is set in a Near Future Dystopian world whose governance has been privatized, while the planet continues to suffer the kind of DisastersClimate Change; Ecological degradation; Overpopulation; water shortages that increasingly affect California – which a for-profit world finds it uncomfortable to cost cures for. The protagonists become entangled in conspiracies to use their expertise in constructing Virtual Reality environments to game an effort to open Antarctica to settlement and exploitation. Whiteout won a Locus best first novel award for 1996.

Remotely linked to its predecessor, Walker's second novel, The Man in the Tree (2017), applies a wry sense of Equipoise to an engaging narrative description of the building of a World Ship-sized Generation Starship destined to remove Homo sapiens to some so far unspoiled planet; a moderately conventional police procedural shapes the narrative. The prolonged wait till launch echoes, perhaps unintentionally, the long labours of Noah; but in general the depressiveness typical of tales involving such construction projects is averted.

Long Is the Way (15 May 2019 Tor.com: 2019 ebook) with Carrie Vaughn is a Tie to the Wild Cards universe. [JC]

Sage Walker

born Oklahoma




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