Wasp Woman, The

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Film (1959). Filmgroup/Allied Artists. Produced and directed by Roger Corman. Written by Leo Gordon, based on a story by Kinta Zertuche. Cast includes Susan Cabot and Michael Mark. 73 minutes. Black and white.

One of Roger Corman's more routine efforts, this may have been rushed out to capitalize on the publicity received by The Fly (1958). Cabot plays well the ageing cosmetics executive who, in a successful attempt at Rejuvenation, takes a form of royal jelly (from wasps not bees) (see Scientific Errors) prepared by loony apiarist Zinthrop (Mark). The side-effect is that she occasionally grows an unconvincing wasp's head and eats people. The Wasp Woman is a shabby, rather unhorrifying film. [PN]

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