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A 1997-1999 Shared-World enterprise of twelve novella-length Cyberspace adventures for Young Adults, set in the numerous Virtual Realities of an imagined Internet twenty years in the future – that is, 2027-2028. Participating authors, each contributing one title except where indicated, were: Stephen Baxter (two titles), Stephen Bowkett, Eric Brown (two titles), Pat Cadigan, Maggie Furey (two titles), Peter F Hamilton, Graham Joyce (1954-    ), James Lovegrove and Ken MacLeod. For convenience the entire sequence is listed in order below, along with the two anonymously edited Anthology volumes each assembling six titles: Web 2027 (anth 1999) and Web 2028 (anth 1999). Anthology jacket titles, The Web 2027 and The Web 2028, differ from the title pages. [DRL]

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