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Film (1982). Ashley Productions/Amalgamated Film Enterprises. Directed by Harry Bromley Davenport. Written by Iain Cassie, Robert Smith, based on a screenplay by Michel Parry, Davenport. Cast includes Danny Brainin, Maryam D'Abo, Simon Nash, Philip Sayer and Bernice Stegers. 86 minutes. Colour.

UK sf/Horror exploitation movie in which a man is kidnapped by a UFO. Three years later the UFO returns, an Alien gets out and rapes a nearby woman, who that same night gives birth (disgustingly) to a fully grown man, the same man who was kidnapped in the first place. He goes home, infects his son with alien spores; the son uses new telekinetic Psi Powers to murder a neighbour with his animated toy clown, and then wraps the au pair girl in a cocoon, where she metamorphoses and produces eggs; meanwhile the husband, making love to his wife, starts visibly to decay. Generally and probably justly panned by the critics, this post-Cronenberg movie still has something to offer for connoisseurs of bargain-basement Surrealism, some of the wholly arbitrary sequences being carried off quite startlingly. In a spirit of total randomness the director shot two endings. The film release has father and son leaving in the UFO, while wife discovers multiple Clones of son all saying "Mummy!" The videotape version has wife being murdered by a thing from an egg the au pair laid. [PN]


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